The primary purpose of the Christmas Jubilee is to provide a venue where Lincoln County vendors can display and sell their wares and products. Therefore, to reserve a booth in the Jubilee, your primary place of business must be located in Lincoln County, and all applicants must so certify by signing the statement below and providing a copy of the appropriate document. If it is determined that a vendor who does not maintain a Lincoln County business has invalidly obtained a booth in Jubilee, the Greeter organization reserves the right to require said vendor to dismantle his/her display space, depart the Convention Center premises, and reservation money will be retained by the Ruidoso Valley Greeters. Absolutely no booth sharing allowed; only one business per booth. Should you be interested in getting on the waiting list of the Christmas Jubilee 2018, please complete this application and submit. You will be contacted in September of 2018 if there are available booths. No refunds will be given after October 25, 2018. Booth Sales contacts: Jane Terrell, 575 937-2040,, or Peggy Whittemore, 575 336-1436,